Who We Are

Whately Land Preservation is a group of your neighbors who love the town and its character. Massachusetts loses more than 20 acres of open space per day to development. As neighboring towns take measures to protect their communities’ character, we see our town becoming increasingly vulnerable to development.

Few places have the expanses of connected open space and the associated wildlife habitats and diversity of species that Whately still enjoys. After all, since the pollution of our town wells, we in Whately understand better than most the danger of lost natural resources.

View of Sugarloaf from North Street

A conversation at the transfer station about the need to protect Whately led to the formation of WLP in 2004. Our aim is to preserve the special agricultural and open space resources that give our town its character.

WLP board members have served on the town’s Open Space Planning Committee and were active in the adoption of the aquifer protection zoning. We are seeking a reasonable balance between growth in town and protection of its special places.

Are you:

  • A resident concerned about the loss of local farms and forest lands?
  • A landowner worried about rising local property taxes?
  • A citizen who wants to help preserve Whately’s rural character?
  • A landowner interested in learning more about land protection options?

If so, then Whately Land Preservation is an organization for you!

Membership in WLP is free to anyone who is interested in land preservation efforts in Whately. If you are a landowner who would like information about land protection options, please send an e-mail to .

If you would like to volunteer to help with committee work, fund-raising, mailings, or special events, please e-mail the and indicate what things you would like to help with.

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