Our Mission

Whately Land Preservation is a community organization established by local residents to help preserve our town’s rural character. Our farms and forests have sustained generations of townspeople who have worked these lands or enjoyed their bounty and beauty.

Yet, like so many other rural communities, Whately faces development pressure—pressure that in other places has quickly turned forests into subdivisions and farmland into asphalt. Our mission is to work with land-owners to protect Whately’s most valued open spaces and natural resources for generations of residents to come.

Did You Know?

  • Saving land saves money. Cows don’t go to school and trees don’t call 911, so an acre of farm or forest land typically requires only 37 cents in town services for every property tax dollar it contributes.1
  • Residential development may grow the tax base, but it doesn’t often pay for itself. On average, residential development requires $1.19 in town services (schools, roads, ambulance, etc.) for every dollar contributed in property taxes.1
  • Whately’s land area is 13, 227 acres. Of this, 66% is forestland and 19% is farmland. Only 9% of the town’s total land area is permanently protected from development.
  • Whately’s natural areas support 10 state-listed rare species, including the Dwarf Wedgemussel, which is on the Federal endangered species list.
  • In a 2006 survey of town residents, over 70% of those who responded said preserving farms and farmland is very important to them; more than 90% indicated that protecting drinking water supplies is very important.

1. Calculations are based on studies conducted by the American Farmland Trust.

Join Us!

Please help support Whately Land Preservation's efforts to maintain Whately's rural character, healthy environment, and pleasant living conditions for future generations. Contributions to WLP will help fund our efforts to preserve farmland, forests, and open space. Learn more

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